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© 2005 Photos:
Manuel Bauer | Winterthur | Schweiz

Concept and Production:
KONTRAST | Zurich | Switzerland

Book design:
Alberto Vieceli | Zurich | Switzerland

Egli. Kunz & Partner Polygrafie AG
Glattbrugg | Switzerland

Printing and binding:
Wachter GmbH | Bönnigheim | Germany

© 2005 German edition:
Seine Heiligkeit der 14. Dalai Lama
Unterwegs für den Frieden
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt | Munich | Germany
ISBN 3-421-05873-3

© 2005 The French edition:
Sa Sainteté le XIV Dalaï Lama
Voyage pour la Paix
Éditions de La Martinière | Paris | France
ISBN 2-7324-3274-1

© 2005 English edition:
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Journey for Peace
Scalo | Zurich | Berlin | New York
ISBN 3-03939-006-6

Distributed in North America by Prestel, New York City; in Europe, Africa and Asia by Thames and Hudson, London; in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Scalo.

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